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Oxidative Therapies


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Along with chronic conditions most people harbor infections that tend to weaken their oxygen delivery abilities. Oxidative therapies can deliver much needed oxygen to the body and help to boost the immune system’s ability to kill off infections.


People with chronic infection such as hepatitis, chronic fatigue and even acute infections such as those which can cause the flu or colds can benefit from such treatments.

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We offer a number of different forms of oxidative therapies:

All of these therapies are intravenous based treatments.

  1. Intravenous Hi-dose Vitamin C ( over 25 grams, 25, 000 mg) and Hydrogen peroxide in low doses.
  2. Ultraviolet blood irradiation: this is a device used to stimulate the immune system and kill viruses. It requires blood being removed and run through a cuvette that is in a machine exposing the blood to ultraviolet light. This can be coupled with ozone treatment.
  3. Major autoheme therapy: this is adding ozone gas which dissolves in blood and other liquid and is then returned into the body.
  4. 10 pass/ multipass: aggressive ozone treatment with up to 2 liters of your blood exposed to ozone, pressurized with oxygen and reintroduced into the body.

All these types of treatment are designed to introduce a stress to the body stimulating he body into a more healing state. This treats chronic infections, like hepatitis, chronic lyme’s disease and other chronic infections.this is also a great treatment for keeping healthy people healthy and living with better quality of life. Even people with acute infections can respond quickly and get well sooner.

Additional treatment with oxidative therapies:

  • Minor auto-heme therapy: injecting blood mixed with ozone back into the body intramuscularly to initiate an immune response.
  • Intravenous Ozonated Saline: infusing ozone saturated in saline solution in to the body.
  • Prolozone: injecting joints with ozone to help restore the joint.

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Oxidative Therapies


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