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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement


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Hormone replacement is crucial for all of us as we age. Both men and women in their late thirties and early forties can start to reduce testosterone production. One often thinks this hormone is just about sex drive but it is crucial in aging to prevent the most common causes of death: heart disease, stroke, dementia and cancer. This vital hormone can help with blood sugar control, memory, exercise tolerance and autoimmunity.


Women, not yet in menopause, can have symptoms of low testosterone noticed mostly by weight gain, decrease blood sugar control, decreased exercise tolerance and multiple other early aging symptoms. Once most women stop making this hormone, they may not begin producing this hormone again, even with herbal stimulants like Maca root. Replacement is the easiest way to support and bring about healthy levels. We can prescribe topical creams or pellets. We follow the Biote Method of pellet replacement testosterone replacement in pre-menopausal women.

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The hormones that we use are identical to the ones your body would otherwise produce. We prefer to avoid synthetic pharmaceutical based products.

For Post menopausal women looking for hormonal support, we offer a number of solutions such as topical or oral preparations of bio-identical hormone replacement with Biest ( estriol and estradiol ) or plan estradiol. This is usuallly added to progesterone with or without testosterone.

Other hormones including DHEA and pregnenolone can be prescribed a well.

Pellet therapy, per the Biote method, is a convenient form of hormone replacement. Estradiol and testosterone can be used with oral or topical progesterone.

For men, based on their levels of testosterone, estrogen and dihydrotestosterone, specific treatment can be prescribed from topical creams, injections or pellet treatment.There are several options in men under 65 years of age to stimulate their own testosterone production. needs.

Each treatment is customized to met individual needs. Other hormones including DHEA and pregnenolone can be prescribed based on individual


A note on pellet treatment:

For men and women this option is available for placing highly compressed bioidentical hormone into a small pellet that is surgically inserted under the skin in the upper buttocks area. This is regarded as a relatively minor procedure with no down time and only 3 days of limited exercise in women and 7 days for men. These hormone can last 3-4 months with estradiol and 4-5 months with testosterone.

Other herbal and nutritional supplements are offered to support proper hormone metabolism. This option can be discussed in more detail with a consultation.

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