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Nearly 9 million people experience a sports injury every year. At Quantum Functional Medicine, experienced integrative medicine physician Juergen Winkler, MD, understands how necessary your fitness is to you. He’s here to support peak fitness while also treating injuries like sprains and strains for rapid recovery. Dr. Winkler uses innovative holistic protocols to help you reach the next level of wellness. For help with sports conditioning, sports injuries, chronic back pain, joint pain, or other pain-causing conditions, call the Carlsbad, California, office or schedule an appointment online today.

Sports Medicine Q&A

What is sports medicine?

Sports medicine focuses on every part of your physical fitness. It’s all about your whole-body wellness, peak conditioning, and rapid recovery when injured. 

Everyone active, whether training for hours every day or playing a team sport a few times a month, can benefit from sports medicine care at Quantum Functional Medicine.

When might I need sports medicine treatment?

You might need sports medicine care in the following situations:

  • Nonhealing prior injury
  • A new injury like a sprain or strain
  • Chronic back, joint, or other pain
  • Not performing at your peak

If you’re hurt or simply want to feel and perform better, Dr. Winkler can help.

How are sports injuries diagnosed?

Dr. Winkler evaluates every aspect of your health, including not only your immediate physical needs but also underlying physical, mental, emotional, and environmental factors that may contribute to your injury.  

You may need imaging tests to determine the source of your pain. Dr. Winkler also uses a functional blood chemistry analysis to gain an accurate picture of your health, including what caused your injury. 

How does sports medicine treatment for sports injuries work?

Just as Dr. Winkler takes a broad whole-body approach to evaluation and diagnosis, he incorporates a variety of customized modalities into your treatment. Some of the available options include:

Neural therapy

In neural therapy, Dr. Winkler injects a local anesthetic like lidocaine in an area of pain, offering relief for an extended period. Neural therapy combines well with prolotherapy. 


Prolotherapy is an injection treatment in which Dr. Winkler introduces a solution of saline or dextrose directly to the site of an injury or chronic joint pain. This compound irritates the damaged tissue, stimulating your body's recovery response to help you heal.


Prolozone therapy combines prolotherapy, neural therapy, and ozone therapy to give you an immediate infusion of oxygen and stimulate healing while also delivering pain-relieving benefits. This combination treatment can help to regrow damaged tissue-like joints naturally.


Mesotherapy is an injection treatment that contains natural vitamins, minerals, natural extracts, enzymes, and other substances. Because the blend goes just under your skin, it spreads slower and translates into long-lasting pain relief. 

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF)

PEMF helps stimulate underperforming cells to function at their peak. This therapy improves circulation, reduces pain signals, encourages faster tissue regeneration, and supports whole-body wellness. 

Quantum Functional Medicine is here to help you find your body’s hidden healing abilities while boosting your performance and wellness. Schedule an appointment online or call the office today.

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